Getting to Compliance

With respect to electromagnetic interference/compatibility, compliance requirements for technology products vary depending on whether they intentionally radiate radio frequency energy. Regulatory standards also define limits and test methodologies based on home or industrial use environment of the product among other considerations that imply a relationship – without regulations/standards, some products may not exist, and vice versa.

In the US, FCC Part 15.3(k) defines a digital device as an unintentional radiator that generates and uses timing signals or pulses at a rate in excess of 9,000 pulses per second (or 9 KHz) and uses digital techniques for performing data processing functions. Computing products such as E-readers (without Wifi) and PC peripherals including monitors, disk drives fall in this category, and the vast majority of these unintentional radiators require either verification or declaration of conformity for equipment authorization. For equipment that require certification as most intentional radiators do, the FCC defines over 60 equipment classes and nearly 200 rule parts as applicable.

Recommendation 70-03 issued by the pan-European agency CEPT specifies 13 annexes of unlicensed Short Range Device (SRD) radio products with limits and radio regulatory parameters they are to be assessed per conformity with the European Union R&TTE directive. And for typical information technology equipment without intentional radio frequency transmission, a number of product standards such as EN 55022 or EN 55024 may apply pursuant to the regulating EMC and Low Voltage Directives.

Click on the links below to make bookings at the lab, Sporton International – Taiwan for FCC (US), Industry Canada (CAN), and CE mark (EU) product testing and certification (Certain assumptions apply to prices quoted in portal – reference products are handheld and battery powered; battery presumed to meet applicable regulatory specifications.)

a) E-reader/Tablet, no WiFi, North America
b) Tablet PC, WiFi+3G/4G, North America + EU
c) RFID System, 13.56 MHz, North America
d) RFID System, 13.56 MHz, North America + EU

Be sure to select applicable certification standards during booking. As with pre-certification testing, online booking of certification testing services obviates the need for a formal lab quotation. You may contact us to discuss your booking.

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*Be advised that additional charges may apply should the actual product or its operating modes be found to differ materially from the representative products used to generate pricing. Telcron assumes no responsibility for such additional charges. Refer to WiFi Alliance 2012 Gadget Guide for representative Tablet PC and Merchant warehouse for the 13.56 MHz RFID reader. Other charges, terms and conditions may also apply as reasonably determined by the lab upon assessing work completed, or time committed to project completion.