Every manufacturer’s challenge on product compliance is unique given the variety of product designs, target countries/markets, and standards. Telcron is committed to offer a customized solution that helps address each manufacturer’s market acceptance needs.

The Consumer Electronics Show of January 2012 saw over 3,000 exhibitors showcase 20,000+ new technology product models. Many of these product models require compliance with formal market acceptance requirements that Telcron supports to be eligible for unrestricted sale in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. A major focus area of ours has been the analysis of standards based test modules by product categories – to simplify test scopes while enabling efficiencies and options to project completion.

This analysis identifies typical compliance test modules and process undertaken per product model group at any number of competent test labs. An example case involves radio frequency product needing to meet European and North American test requirements. Other p roduct categories in review include Smartphones, Tablet PCs, RFID systems, PC peripherals, WiFi, Networking,
Netbooks/Ultrabooks, and Emerging Technology products.

Based on a location preference chosen (or not chosen), a shortlist of lab(s) with capabilities needed to fulfill the compliance objectives during the pre-certification and final certification testing phases is generated as the network chart below illustrates.

WorkZone ‘s project management software can be used for planning, activity coordination, and document retention associated with pre-certification and certification testing projects – at request and at no cost. A sample WorkZone project outline can be reviewed here.

Lab Process

Our eSource offering is then used to compile project pricing and accompanying time to complete. The price-schedule matrix, exclusive of switching costs is shown below:

Price Schedule Matrix

And one lab or more labs may be selected based on a number of options criteria – least switching, least cost, least time to completion, and lab rating.

Lab Matrix Overview

A project critical path with an estimated schedule is constructed assuming Lab D was selected based on the least lab switching criterion.

Project Critical Path

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