I. Laboratory Survey Appreciation
Members and non members are encouraged to provide feedback through Telcron’s Laboratory Review Survey. Non members are also welcome to participate with proof of laboratory use in the last 6 months. Lab Rating access is exclusive to Telcron members.


VISA GC 50> $50 Visa Gift Card

for submitted surveys after completion of a pre-

certification test scheduled through Telcron.



VISA GC 100> $100 Visa Gift Card

 for submitted  surveys after completion of a

certification test scheduled through Telcron’s

RFQ bid process.



> $5 Visa Gift Card for submitted surveys after completion of pre-cert and certification tests not scheduled through Telcron.  

*(must provide proof of lab use in previous 12 months if not scheduled through Telcron)

II. Laboratory Rating Access
Telcron members benefit from access to key laboratory info including laboratory ratings. This enables our members to make informed scheduling decisions with regard to the labs they utilize. Laboratory availability, locations, capabilities and ratings are all accessible to members on the Pre-certification reservation page.

Test labs routinely provide services to technology manufacturers to satisfy legal and/or marketing requirements. Like other services measured in the value chain towards successful product introduction to the market, manufacturers want to know how test labs rank with regard to testing and certification services rendered.

Please share your review of services utilized at the test lab using the laboratory survey form listed below.

Pre-certification Survey

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Certification Survey

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