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There’s a 50% chance that products fail electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests the first time, according to at least one leading industry expert. Other test categories such as radio regulatory and product safety may also necessitate design changes after the initial run to meet all applicable requirements. These realities make pre-certification testing a recommended step before committing to final certification efforts for many technology products, with the benefit of improved confidence during certification tests, and reduced risk of redesign at significant time and cost that hampers product launch to market.

Semi-anechoic chamber (Frankonia GmbH)
Open Area Test Site (NPL UK)
Agilent Test equipment

Manufacturers seeking third party EMC labs consider several factors – among them, availability, cost, and credibility of results, a 2011 survey suggests. And, compliance tests may need to be performed at multiple test labs to fulfill all applicable regulatory testing requirements. With a number of accredited partner test labs around the world, Telcron makes it simple and easier for manufacturers to secure bookings at test labs for pre-certification and certification compliance testing of technology products and provides a single interface for coordination and management.

Three days or more advance booking is recommended to confirm the preferred schedule or an alternate.

Pre-certification electromagnetic compatibility and radio conformance testing can be coordinated at regulatory approved ambient free anechoic chambers, or Open Area Test Sites (OATS) at over twenty globally situated test labs. WorkZone project management platform and pertinent standards from TechStreet are accessible to clients (access are subject to applicable publisher, copyright, and other guidelines pursuant to subscriptions at TechStreet).

Workflows for Pre-Certification Test Programs Illustration

Certification test programs for various technology products may be booked using the eSource platform that typically involves a multi-lab selection process and assures access to resources such as the WorkZone project management platform and pertinent standards from TechStreet. Client test program requests submitted should include:

  1. Product description including power source (battery, power supply): e.g. Tablet, RFID system, battery powered
  2. Testing objectives/standards: e.g. FCC Part 15 Emissions, CE EN 55022
  3. Target countries for marketing: e.g. USA, Canada, European Union, Australia
  4. Notes about certification: e.g. operating modes, installation scenarios, etc.
  5. Preferred start date

The following chart illustrates how the certification process is subsequently handled:

Certification Process

Our lab partners are designated to perform various electromagnetic compatibility standards based tests pursuant to their ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by entities such as

And the accreditation program for product safety in US workplaces per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the NRTL Program . Of note, two partner labs – MET Laboratories and TUV Rheinland of North America have CB Scheme Testing Laboratories ( CBTL) designation and are allowed to perform necessary product safety evaluation applicable to certain technology products pursuant to requirements such as IEC 60950-1 among others under the CB Scheme program.

The growing footprint of test labs being worked with is illustrated in the following map:

View Telcron Labs Network in a larger map

Bookings for pre-certification or certification tests obviate the need for a quote; but the attached Form can be sent to [email protected] for a quote if needed.