Our Team

For technology products that may or may not intentionally transmit radio frequency energy to be successfully marketed, the relevant compliance concerns span the domains of electromagnetic compatibility, wireless/radio, product safety, and radio frequency exposure among others. Common certifications that reflect compliance include CE-mark, FCC, IC, UL/cUL, C-Tick, to name a few.

Many small to medium sized technology manufacturers may however not have the resources or expertise to commit to meeting these compliance requirements for their products. In addition, given the myriad of product development relationships that exist from product design to manufacturing and marketing, some manufacturers may prefer a particular location to have product compliance testing performed, or coordinate the compliance efforts across multiple testing labs, or in certain cases outsource the compliance testing responsibilities entirely.

Telcron, a Limited Liability Company, was founded on the principle of adding value to the series of steps that technology product manufacturers take to comply with the array of mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements – this includes finding or booking time at accredited testing labs for pre-production testing, compliance management throughout the product lifecycle, and other consulting services.

Our values are:
Global Reach and Perspective
E-Business Process Core
Technology Instinct
People Leadership
Customer Satisfaction
Lifecycle Focus
Innovation as lifeblood
Corporate Citizenship

Telcron’s leadership team includes:
CEO, Bayo Olabisi
Technical Consultant, Dan Kerns

With expertise in standards assessment and product management from:
Phil Chadwick
Terry Clancy